Joy Division

Incubation / Wilderness / Twenty Four Hours / The Eternal / Heart and Soul / Shadowplay
Transmission / Disorder / Warsaw / Colony / Interzone / She's Lost Control

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Known Joy Division tributes

As you said - Tortoise

Atmosphere - Codeine

Atmosphere - Wreckage

Day Of The Lords - Honeymoon Stitch

Decades - Theatre of tragedy

Interzone - Face to face

Further - INSIGHT

Heart and Soul - Kendra smith

Isolation - Starchildren

Love Will Tear Us Apart - Opium den

Love Will Tear Us Apart - Peltz

Love Will Tear Us Apart - The carnival of fools

Love Will Tear Us Apart - Trance to the sun

New Dawn Fades - Moby

Warsaw - Seaweed

Shadowplay - Phobia

Shadowplay - Ikon

She's lost control - Girls against boys

She's lost control - Mini gys

She's lost control - Miranda 's girlfriends

Twenty Four Hours - Versus